2022 SAIL


Mr. Raphaël Gonçalves Alves

Legal Advisor,
ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia

Raphaël Gonçalves Alves works for the ICRC as a regional legal adviser and is the head of the legal department of the Beijing Regional Delegation for East Asia. For the ICRC, he also worked as a legal adviser at the Paris Regional Delegation, the Headquarters in Geneva, and the Dhaka Delegation in Bangladesh. He is part of the Advisory Services of the ICRC, which supports states with national implementation of IHL. As such, he works on various IHL and Human Rights issues of interest for the ICRC. As a lawyer, he previously worked for several years in an international tax law firm based in Paris before joining a Defence team at the International Criminal Court. He holds a Master’s degree in Tax and business law from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas. 

New Technology and International Humanitarian Law

The course’s overall objective is to introduce the scope of application of IHL and fundamental IHL rules, notably the rules governing the conduct of hostilities and those protecting civilians and detainees. With this in mind, the course will examine how these rules apply and can be adapted to challenges and trends impacting contemporary armed conflicts, particularly the urbanization of warfare and the emergence of new technologies of warfare, including cyber operations and artificial intelligence weapon systems. The course will end with some considerations related to the implementation of IHL.

This course will examine:
(1) The scope of application of IHL (with a focus on the classification of Armed Conflicts);
(2) The rules governing the conduct of hostilities;
(3) The protection of civilians and detainees;
(4) Urban warfare;
(5) New technologies of warfare; Implementation of IHL