2021 SAIL


Prof. Ki-Gab Park

Professor, Korea University

Ki-Gab PARK is a Korean citizen, professor at the School of Law, Korea University, Republic of Korea. He took a Ph.D (international law) at the l’Université de Paris 2, France (1989) and a Diploma of The Hague Academy of International Law, The Netherlands (1988) He gave a one-week lecture on “Protection of Persons in the event of Disasters” in French at The Hague Academy of International Law, The Netherlands (2013). Currently he serves as a member of the UN International Law Commission. (2012-2016, 2017-2021)

Outline of the lecture on “Current trend of codification of international law: focused on the works done by the UN International Law Commission (ILC)”

The “codification of international law” has a quite long history, but its effective methodology has been developed, in particular, with the creation of the United Nations and one of subsidiary organs of the General Assembly, the International Law Commission. We will see the differences between “codification” and “progressive development”, “lex lata” and “lex ferenda” through the analysis of certain recent works carried out by the ILC, namely various sources of international law, protection of persons from natural/industrial and humanitarian disasters, international environmental law, climate change and sea-level rise, etc.