2022 SAIL


Prof. Nohyoung Park

Professor, Korea University

Nohyoung Park is a professor of law at Korea University Law School since September 1990. His original specialty is international economic law focusing on the WTO, but he has also been studying cybersecurity and data privacy, and negotiation and mediation. He has advised governments and businesses on various international legal matters, including by participating in the negotiation of the Korea-Chile free trade agreement, Korean first FTA, and by attending the meetings of the 4th and 5th UNGGEs in information security between 2014 and 2017. He graduated from College of Law, Korea University (LL.B., 1981), Graduate School, Korea University (LL.M., 1983), Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1985), and University of Cambridge (Ph.D. in International Law, 1990). He was awarded the honorary doctoral degree in law by the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia in October 2018.

Cybersecurity and International Law

Cyberspace is a newly found domain for both military and non-military uses. States have tried to regulate their activities in cyberspace under international law. Since the third UNGGE agreed to the applicability of international law, including the UN Charter, to the use of ICTs by States in 2013, States have tried to agree to how international law applies to cyberspace primarily in the United Nations.

This course will examine the developments of international law governing cybersecurity mainly in the United Nations and certain specific rules of international law applying to cyberspace.