2020 SAIL



•Date: October 19 (Mon.) – 30 (Fri.), 2020
•Format: Webinar

The Seoul Academy of International Law (SAIL) is a training program organized by the Center for International Law (CIL) at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. It provides courses lectured by prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of international law to the participants from Asia and the Pacific region. The objective of the program is to promote greater understanding on contemporary issues in international law among those involved in international law practice. In an effort to establish the rule of law in the region on a more solid basis, the SAIL aims, in particular:

• To enhance the participants’ understanding about international law
• To promote exchanges of views on contemporary international law
• To strengthen future cooperation and networks between the participants
• To facilitate sharing knowledge in participating countries’ foreign policies relating to current international legal issues

More than 40 participants in the program come from various countries in Asia and the Pacific, and range widely from government officials, including diplomats and legal practitioners, to scholars, researchers as well as graduate students.